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About Us

At Boudreau Family Dental our team’s top priority is to provide the highest level of quality dental care, in a safe and comfortable environment, throughout the lifetime of our patients. Our goal is to help prevent the need for extensive restorative treatments, through ongoing education and superior preventative care.

Our staff, from administrative to clinical, were hired not only because of their decades of experience, but because of their compassion and patience. At Boudreau Family Dental, when we offer a treatment plan, you will always understand the “when, why, and how” and our amazing staff will guide you through out your journey to a bright and
beautiful smile.  

Boudreau Family Dental is located in historic South Natick center, convenient from many MetroWest locations. Our office is just a stone's-throw from the lovely Charles River Park.

​We offer ample free parking and convenient family-friendly hours. If there’s an emergency off hours, Dr. Boudreau can be reached directly via text or phone.

About Us

Our Dentists

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Our Dentists
Happy Patients

Happy Patients

Dr. Boudreau went above and beyond to save a prior crown placed on an implant. His likelihood of success was not clear at the start but he worked diligently on it for well over an hour to save me the need for a new crown. His effort paid off and he was every bit as pleased as I was. Dr. Boudreau is smart, diligent, always upbeat, and
he’s a good guy

- Alan C

I've been seeing Dr. Boudreau for a few years and followed him to his new location in Natick. A great dentist is hard to find and Dr. Boudreau is a FANTASTIC dentist!  He's calming, funny, and always cheerful. He takes his time, is never in a rush, and you never feel like just another name on the schedule. You will not regret choosing Boudreau Family Dental!"

Natasha R

“I have been visiting Dr. Boudreau for a few years now and every time he and his team are kind, professional and caring. Dr. Boudreau always goes above and beyond to ensure I know and understand everything going on in my mouth. I was recommended by a friend and would recommend anyone else to visit
Dr. Boudreau!”

- Web MD review

Excellent as always. Highly skilled team that really care about their patients. My family would never go elsewhere.”

- Web MD review

“I was in the practice before Dr. Boudreau became a part of it. I was skeptical about a new dentist but he is fabulous. I would recommend him to anyone.”

- Web MD review

“Dr. Boudreau is an incredible dentist, he is friendly and patiently answered every single one of my questions. He is incredibly intelligent and kind and really cares about his patients. He even came into the office on his day off to see me and advise me on my next steps and fit me for retainers! He is knowledgeable and truly cares. Highly, HIGHLY recommend!"

I switched to Boudreau Dental several years ago and am so glad I did! My hygienist always runs on time and does a great job. Both Drs. Yered and Boudreau are knowledgeable and very nice. Highly recommend Boudreau Family Dental!“

- Web MD review

- Web MD review

Contact Us


205 Union Street

South Natick, MA 01760

Tel: 508-655-1343


Monday -Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm
Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Emergency hours on an as needed basis

Contact Us
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